Project: Press Play


'Crows Like Us' Reading in Hong Kong


Our resident writer Edward will be reading an excerpt of his non-fiction essay ‘Crows Like Us’.

Raw and deeply personal, ‘Crows Like Us’ is a continuation of Press Play webcomic, in which Edward shares his bouts with depression and suicidal ideation — while remembering Canto-pop superstar Leslie Cheung and others in the Asian queer community who experienced mental health struggles.

It appeared in Intimate Strangers, an LGBT anthology of non-fiction essays published by Signal 8 Press. The collection has been described by South China Morning Post as “unflinchingly honest, revelatory and intimate … moving and surprising … filled with messages of courage, hope, and love…”

Come join Edward and his fellow anthology writers this Oct 17th, 2019 at the Culture Club, hosted by Tong Zhi Literary Group and presented as part of Pink Season 2019. Admission is free, registration required.

Edward Gunawan