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Mental Health Apps


Our smartphones get quite a bad rep nowadays — from social media that devours our attention and makes us feel bad about ourselves, to online hate comments… But a lot of good can come from technology too, if we know how to use it well.

There’s been a proliferation of mental health apps recently. These reasonably-priced, or most often free, mental health apps offer a wealth of resources that can be helpful for the self-management of mental health disorders in between therapy sessions. Below are some of our favorite apps. There are many other great resources out there — should you have other recommendations, please email us and we’ll add them to this list for your fellow Press Players.


Addiction and PTSD


Productivity and Food + Habit Tracking

Meditation and Mindfulness


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We are also not medical/mental health professionals. The information we posted on this website is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, or used for medical diagnosis and treatment — it is provided for educational supplemental purposes only. When in doubt, always seek the advice of your physician or qualified healthcare provider.

Edward Gunawan