Project: Press Play



Promote Overall Mental Well-Being



  • Press Play webcomic began as a collaborative personal project.

  • We curated a blog, where we compile resources for visitors seeking out more information after reading our webcomic.

  • We also started a Facebook group for readers to discuss and share tips and tools on mental health, as well as support one another.


  • We want to remind those of us with mental health struggles that someone else has been there too. Stay strong and seek help.

  • We also wish to encourage everyone to talk about mental health experiences more openly and honestly to combat shame and stigma (read more of Edward’s intention here).

  • Lastly, we’d like to promote mental well-being, inspiring anyone facing adversity to make the leap from Perseverance to Play — we hope you’ll not only survive but also live well and thrive.


  • We are two brothers who are storytellers in our own fields.

  • We are grateful to friends and family, as well as professionals and organisations, for their invaluable feedback and support.

  • We are not health care professionals and we do not receive/solicit financial contributions in the making of this project.


  • We launched this website in May 2019, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.


  • Edward is based in Hong Kong and Elbert in Jakarta. We are currently concentrating on sharing information and resources, as well as exploring IRL offline gatherings, in the East Asia and South East Asia regions.



  • Share the webcomic with people who might benefit from reading it.

  • Explore our Community Resources wall and join our FB group discussions.

  • Email us your feedback and recommendations or suggestions for our Community Resources wall.

  • And finally, volunteer with us. Email us with your interests and/or experience.