Project: Press Play



Increasing the Conversation around Mental Health


We are grateful and encouraged by the outpouring of support and kind feedback from our fellow Press Players — readers of this site — from all around the world. They motivate us to continue increasing the conversation around mental health and promoting overall mental well-being.

Below are some of their statements (names withheld to protect their privacy):

I was having a serious stress day and I felt like I was unraveling. I found myself thinking about your webcomic and... I drew this triangle on my arm. That way, over the next few days when I already know it’s going to be hard, I can look at it and regain perspective.
— a Press Player from San Francisco
Thank you for doing this. I wish there was someone like you when I was younger.
— a Press Player from Hong Kong
I know I’m still lost, but I’ll keep pressing the play button.
— a Press Player from Jakarta
This is a very meaningful project. As someone who also went through dark days, I am glad to see more artistic expressions about those experiences. Great work!
— a Press Player from Beijing
Thank you for sharing your story, and creating a platform for others to share their experiences and not feel so alone… I’m very moved and got quite tearful at some parts, but it’s really invaluable to speak openly about these situations we go through in life… Your project is exactly the right place for people from around the world to find hope and a helping hand from.
— a Press Player from London

We also take pride in making these efforts and having these impact:

  • Working with a group of 15 volunteers

  • Translating the webcomic into 3 other languages (with more to come)

  • Over 1,500 readers from 45 countries in 6 months



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We are always looking for ways to better serve our readers. We know we can do that only by listening to you. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions. Please share them with us. Thank you.